MIAMI, April 20, 2016 – Seal shoe covers inventor, Daniela King, was named a “mompreneur” finalist in TODAY’s Next Big Thing contest, competing for a coveted spot on QVC’s “Saturday Morning Q” to promote and sell her product.

As one of nine working-mom competitors who balance the duties of running a business and raising a family, Daniela pitched her big idea, Seal protective shoe covers, to TODAY’s panel of judges and America at large.

Thanks to all the positive attention, Seal has already signed a deal with several prominent retailers. Perhaps TV time is all it takes to get noticed!

Who knew a flash flood would morph into a product that will take the world by storm? Daniela did. After a sudden rainstorm in 2013 left this busy mom clomping through a flooded parking lot, wearing plastic bags on her feet to keep her shoes from getting soaked, the idea for Seal shoe covers was born.

Bringing her background in design to bear, Daniela quickly devised a flexible, lightweight, portable shoe cover that looks chic and stays dry. And because this Miami native and mother of two brings the same passion and dedication to business as she does to everything else, she’s never doubted that Seal would be a success!

So stay tuned: Seal is about to be big news, and this mom is bound to become a mogul… maybe even in time for Mother’s Day!


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