Scenario: It’s pouring down rain. In an effort to be health conscious, you parked a quarter of a mile away from the store entrance. The sun was shining when you walked in, but you left your umbrella in the car and so tempted Fate. You wore your cute shoes. Naturally. And even an umbrella wouldn’t save them. “I’m not afraid of the wet,” you think, “But my shoes will get waterlogged and make that horrifying ‘squeak squelch’ noise…”

If you remembered to slip a certain compact packet into your bag before leaving home, your shoes can be saved. Seal Shoe Covers look like rain boots, but they are more like a raincoat for your feet, meant to protect, not replace, what’s underneath. Slip them on and draw the drawstring tight. Skip through the puddles like a six-year-old, if your adult pride can take it.