Seal Outdoors, Inc. today announced that their patent-pending shoe cover will be available to the public in October 2015, just in time for rain, sleet and snow season for most of the U.S.

Currently building support via a Kickstarter campaign, Seal shoe covers are set to change lives for many Americans by providing a stylish, lightweight, portable alternative to clunky plastic or rubber rain boots. Featuring a breakthrough design that collapses into a portable self-pouch, Seal shoe covers also boast a waterproof zipper and malleable soles tested to withstand pressure from even high stiletto heels. Best of all, Seal shoe covers are constructed from waterproof, mildew-resistant fabric that breathes. Designed for anyone who has ever wished they could fold up their thick, suffocating rainy-day footwear the minute the skies clear, Seal shoe covers offer an easy, affordable solution.